The Wingsuit Church Holy Gun Reviews - Power to the People, Worldwide!  The longer the shot -- the Holier the Euphoria!

7.5"-barrel RUGER SUPER REDHAWK (.454 Casull) w/ LEUPOLD VX-3 EER Pistol Scope.  300-yard 5-shot 10-inch group is the smallest thus far -- it can do better, so the church will attempt to bring it under 8-inches.

BARRETT MODEL 99 .50cal BMG Rifle 2,000-yd. **Pre-review** --  .30cal sabots included.

Glock 20 10mm Pistol 100-yard Review using both std. 4.6" & 6" hunting barrels, and 3-dot night sites -- 25/50/82/100-yards.

ARMALITE AR-10T (.308) 2-Stage Trigger semi-auto Rifle Review -- 800-yd shooting test was done using a low-light, super fast acquisition hunting scope.  The church will continue this review out to 1,200-yards using a precision sniping scope.

MasterPiece Arms MPA30 9mm semi-auto pistol 100-yd shooting review ** Incomplete Review **.  MPA30 is a very reliable and "smooth shooting" pistol, and is surprisingly accurate.

Russian VEPR II semi-auto Rifle with side-mount scope rail. ** Under Construction **

ARMALITE AR-10T ULTRA (Remington .300 SUM) semi-auto Rifle 1,500-yd. review -- including .22cal sabots (SS109) **UNDER CONSTRUCTION** .

ARMALITE M15T  5.56x45 (.223) semi-auto Rifle 1,000-yard Review **UNDER CONSTRUCTION**